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      專業于物料搬運 致力于品質進步



      產品概述 PRODUCT BRIEF

      ● AGV是自動導引運輸車((Automated Guided Vehicle)的英文縮寫。

      AGV is an abbreviation for Automated Vehicle (Guided).
      An automatic steering device, equipped with electromagnetic or optical devices, capable of driving along a prescribed guide path, with a safety protection and a variety of functions of the vehicle. As a  domestic forklift product supplier, the AGV product system covers a forklift truck, dive type, load type, traction type and light load.

      ● 杭州叉車作為物流整體解決該方案供應商,擁有專業的物流技術和豐富的項目經驗。近年來,針對物流行業工作效率低、人工成本高等特點,定制開發了一系列智能工業叉車,其中包括叉車式、潛入式、牽引式等AGV。為了實現工業4.0 這一時代目標,杭叉特設計開發了物流調度與管理軟件、工程應用套件及可選擇套件。完善并豐富了物流產品線,為企業提高生產效率和降低生產成本提供了有力保障。

      Hangzhou forklift as a domestic leader in logistics as a whole to solve the program supplier, with the most professional logistics technology and rich experience in project. In recent years, according to the characteristics of low efficiency and high labor cost, a series of intelligent industrial forklift trucks, including forklift type, submersible type, traction type and so on, have been developed. AGV. In order to achieve the goal of industrial 4, the design and development of the logistics scheduling and management software, engineering application suite and optional suite. Greatly improve and enrich the product line, provide a strong guarantee for enterprises to improve production efficiency and reduce production costs.


      ● 公司技術實力強勁,已掌握智能工業車輛運輸車的全方位運動機構與規劃控制、底盤運動機構與規劃控制、AGV動態路徑規劃與避障、群體化協作規劃與控制、AGV運行電機驅動、AGV總線控制系統、未知環境地圖構建、AGV自定位與自主導航、基于視覺的目標快速識別與定位等一系列國際上的先進技術,構成公司智能工業叉車的整體技術架構。

      The company has powerful technical strength, grasps a series of internationdl advanced tech- nologies required for intelligent mobile robots, like omni-directional movement mechanism & planning control, biped movement mechanism & planning control, robot dynamic path planning & obstacle avoidance, multi-agent cooperation planning & control, robot joint motor driving, robot bus mastering system, unknown environment map building, robot autonomous positioning and navigation, and rapid object recognition & positioning based on robot vision.
      Hangcha group's annual output value of new products rate will reach 30% has been obtained forklift 69 national patents, to participate in national, industry standard formulation of 14, with independent intellectual property rights of the new product more than 50 times won the national and provincial and municipal scientific and technological progress award.





      ● 杭叉自動運載車輛軟件系統包括了車輛管理系統軟件、仿真與組態軟件、車輛調度及交通管理軟件,涵蓋了系統配置,任務管理、智能調度、物流信息接口,為用戶提供全面的信息化整合的能力,并能夠根據用戶需要提供WMS/EMS 整體解決方案。
      杭叉自動載運車輛軟件基于圖形界面的管理軟件系統能使 用戶了解到車輛運行狀況及載運狀況,并及時進行異常報警,大大提升了對于車輛群體管理的便利性。系統提供了可視化的工程配置方案和解決手段,能夠全面為用戶提供車輛的參數配置、任務狀態配置、路線規劃、行動優先級及任務信息規劃等內容。

      ● HANGCHA automated freight vehicle software system includes vehicle management system software, simulation & configuration software, vehicle dispatching & traffic management software, covers system configuration, task management, intelligent dispatching and logistic information interface, offers the comprehensive information integration capacity and provides the WMS/EMS integrated solutions for customers as required.
      HANGCHA dutomdted freight vehicle software is the mandgement software system based on graphica丨 interfaces, makes customers learn about the running state & carrying conditions, and timely carries out the warning for abnormal situations, convenient for vehicle group management The system can offer visual project allocation plans and solutions, and completely providevehicle parameter configuration, task status configuration, path planning, operation priority, task information planning and other related information for customers.

      安全方式 SAFE MODE

      ● 產品和規格,如因改進而有變更時,將不另行通知,以實物為準。

      售后服務Customer Service


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